Imagine a different trade show model experience.

Trade shows are a unique opportunity in the world of business development. You have thousands of qualified prospects that have convened into a single area for a weekend of focus learning and expansion. Trade show attendees are there because they want to be exposed to the cutting-edge of their industry. Businesses put hundred of thousands into their trade show strategy every year, whether its on one show or many. The way your company interacts with it’s customers in those few crucial minutes can set the tone of a new relationship, solidify a fresh one or remind a long time customer why they started doing business with you in the first place.

As the popularity of the trade show has grown over the years, so has the popularity of the trade show model. Trade show models are called upon by companies to help compete for attention on crowded show floors. Originally hired only as a thing of beauty, models today are interacting more and more with customers. As brand ambassadors, these models need to be able to do more than capture the attention of trade show attendees and direct them to a company representative. Professionally Pretty was founded on the idea that to be truly effective, a trade show model should be able to do three things.

Quickly and effectively learn your company’s product.

Intelligently interact with customers about your brand.

Impart your customers with the feeling that they were speaking with a knowledgeable company representative.

We believe that to win your customers loyalty, you must show a true respect for their intelligence, a difficult task to accomplish with vanity sales techniques. These trade show tactics may gain their attention, but you are left with responsibility of gaining their respect. Our models are hand selected, so that your customers will instantly recognize your dedication to their satisfaction, both aesthetically and intellectually.

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