How do we select the best trade show talent?

Intelligence + Beauty is what makes a Professionally Pretty model

The traditional modeling agency experience provides clients with a wide selection of models, primarily based on vanity driven stats. Our approach is to spend time with the client, getting to know what their goals are for each show. From there, we can select a model that will not only provide an aesthetic appeal to your customers, but be able to interact intelligently with them as well. Because of this, it’s impossible for us to accept thousands of models into our agency. We need to know who are models are and what they are capable of. Our models are more than pretty people trying to make money on the side. They are career professionals with degrees that have found the world of modeling to be their skill set.

Five things we look for in a Professionally Pretty model

Charisma – Beauty is independent of charisma. While beauty is something that you have or do not have, charisma is an engine that can be turned off and on. Marilyn Monroe famously demonstrated this. While riding the subway in New York City, no one noticed her. When she walked on the street, she transformed from Norma Jean into Marilyn and attracted people with her charisma. Professionally Pretty models have a charisma that directs attention on trade show floors.

Intelligence – Charisma is enough to get the conversation started, but intelligence is needed to keep a conversation going. The majority of our models are college educated professionals, who can quickly learn your business and effectively communicate with your customers.

Endurance – You may have the most skilled sales team in the world, but are they used to spending 10-12 hours on their feet for days at a time? Our models need to be able to interact with your clients at 100% energy level the whole time they are on the floor. It is for this reason that we provide models with an energy level that is unmatched in the industry.

Class – As a company, you want to be respected by your customers. Customers respect businesses that demonstrate class. Class is a combination of self-respect, poise and the understanding of social cues, that gain respect in a given environment. Class is hard to quantify, but it is quality that is both recognized and respected. It goes without saying that our models represent the highest class model you can get for your trade show.

Results – Why are you hiring a model in the first place? We are able to get results by clearly defining your reasons for wanting a trade show model in your booth. We’ll be the first to tell you if your expectations are too low, or unreasonable. If the results you are looking for are adding a beautiful brand ambassador to your event, then our models are a good fit. All of the models in our agency are results driven, and its the reason that clients choose us again and again.