Booth Expert Attire

With all of our clients, one of our standard discussions is about what to have our Trade Show Experts wear at our client’s booth. This is, in fact, a vital part of the companies branding strategy and definitely warrants and a few words to be written.

With the many different types of shows out there, and lots of different approaches that our clients take to project their brand, it can sometimes be a little confusing on how to narrow down what to have you Booth Expert wear. After all, she is situated at the front of your booth, and is most likely the first thing that an attendee will notice as he/she passes by (note: if you hire an expert from us, the attendees wont be passing by, they will be stopped!). Having your trade show talent standing out in the isle stopping traffic in an inappropriate outfit could quite possibly be the deciding factor as to wether the attendee’s take you seriously or not. There is such a thing a getting the wrong kind of attention.

While many trade shows can be a lot more casual these days, do not be fooled into thinking that this means your Booth Expert can be dressed like it’s Halloween night. You might run the risk of attracting the wrong kind of attention while loosing the serious leads that you are out to generate. Now, if this last paragraph got you confused, let me paint a picture by telling you a true story, I kid you not… (DISCLAIMER – the model mentioned in the following story was not booked by Ten Model Management). In the recent past, a major manufacturer of kitty litter decided to hire a “model” at their booth. They weren’t entirely sure how to correctly utilize this “model”, and requested that she wear a catsuit, tail and ears and they provided a human sized litter box that they filled with their brand of litter…. you can only imagine how uncomfortable the poor model was having to scratch around a big box of sand for 3 days straight! Needless to say, the outfit was not a big hit and the company suffered the loss of clients, one being their largest account, a big box national chain. If only they had not decided on a rediculous outfit, their show may have actually been a success! The moral of the story is that if you have a gorgeous, motivated, eloquent Booth Expert, you have her dress for nothing, but SUCCESS!

In our extensive experience, here are a few key words to describe how you would like your hostess to dress – powerhouse, sharp, professional! You can describe the attire to be that of a “Fox Network News Anchor”. Black is always a good color, but it is also a good idea to have your Booth Expert wear your company colors so that she compliments your booth. For women, knee length pencil skirts is preferred over pants and heels are a must! Our 3 favorite options are either business suit, business dress (for shows that are more casual) or company branded polo or T shirt tucked into a knee length pencil skirt. These three options are tried and tested winners on the trade show floor.

Go for gold, and don’t get bogged down or tempted into having you Booth Expert dress in a silly outfit. You want the attendees to take your hired gun seriously so let her dress for success, this will empower her to do her job of lead retrieval on a mass scale!


Business deals are not just made on the show room floor, but over dinner as well!

For years I have been receiving emails from clients asking me for restaurant recommendations in different areas, and primarily Orlando. For convenience sake, and for those who don’t know that I am available for your “where should I take them to dinner” questions, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Orlando Eats for the convention crowd. The majority of these spots are closer in proximity to International Drive, considering that is where most trade shows are held.

Orlando is very blessed to have “Restaurant Row,” located on Sand Lake Road, and lined with amazing restaurants. So many, that it’s actually pretty hard to choose where to go. To help narrow your selection, I’ve created a go-to list of the top places in this area with the highlights of each spot.

Note: During large shows, reservations are required do to the swarms of people in the area.

Dragonfly – 7972 Via Dellagio Way
– The very best sushi Orlando has to offer.
– The Dancing Edemame is the best edemame you’ll ever experience
– The Cobra Kai Roll won’t disappoint

Racco’s Taco’s & Tequilla – 7468 W. Sand Lake Rd.
Best Mexican and atmosphere in Orlando
Amazing table side guacamole!

Roy’s – 7760 W. Sand Lake Rd
– Always a solid “go – to”

The Vines Grille And Wine Bar – Fountains Plaza – 7533 W Sand Lake Rd
– Nice atmosphere featuring drum and base jazz in the evenings.

Season’s 52 – 7700 W Sand Lake Rd
– Broad, seasonal menu that is healthy as well.
– Good for lunch and dinner

World of Beer – 7800 Dr Phillips Blvd
– Great pre-dinner or post-dinner drink spot
– A vast selection of beers from around the world

Bar Louis – 7335 W Sand Lake Rd
– Signature cocktails

Cafe TuTu Tango – 8625 International Dr
– A fun and trendy tapas style restaurant
– Order double of everything!

The Oceanaire Seafood Room – 9101 International Dr #1002
– Top choice for seafood

Maggiano’s Little Italy – 9101 International Dr #2400
– You will leave stuffed full of endless American-Italian food
– Portions are huge and family-style eating is encouraged.

Tommy Bahamas – 9101 International Dr #1200
– Great choice for island-style food

Bahama Breeze – 8849 International Dr
– A reliable choice for casual dining
– The crab legs are amazing!

Tilted Kilt & Senior Frogs
– Much less formal and offer a lively, casual atmosphere.

Bull And Bear Steakhouse – 14200 Bonnet Creek Ln (inside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel)
– Ultimate top selection for fine dining!
– Best steak in Orlando  
– Make reservations! 407.597.5500

Millers Ale House 8963 International Dr & ESPN CLub at Disney Boardwalk
– Casual “American Bar Food”
– Sports atmosphere (lots of TV/game selections)

A Ten-Models mention in SAPinsider Article.

We are honored to have been mentioned in this ‘Trade Show Best Practices’ article by SAPinsider!


If your company is staffed with technical talent and you do not have sales and marketing “personalities” in your firm to bring potential prospects into your booth, at your next event consider using a firm such as Ten Model Management – Several of our sponsors such as Titan Consulting have had tremendous success increasing their lead scans by utilizing this firm.

Read full article here.

Tricks of the Vegas Trade


I must have made nearly a hundred trips to Las Vegas by now for trade shows. However, it was until my recent visit [twice, in two weeks for back to back shows] that I got to thinking about all the tips and tricks of the trade that I have learned over the years, most of which Vegas taught me the the hard way. So, hopefully this basic guide “how-to” guide will allow you to learn from my mistakes and enter the Vegas trade show scene with ease.


Before even boarding your first flight, I would advice installing a passcode, geo-locator and any other safety measure to secure your phone from theft and misplacement. I’m not entirely sure if it’s just my own bad karma, or if, in fact its true of everyone that Las Vegas has a way of making cellphones disappear, but that has surely been my experience. Being a trade show model and manager, I travel a great deal and have never lost a phone in any city of the world, except Vegas. I have a current tall of five phone lost to Sin City forever.

Phone and laptop chargers tend to be one of the most common items left behind. Once settled in a hotel room, the thought of having to track down a new charger via cab is pretty daunting. Thankfully, some bright spark came up with the idea of purchasing all the chargers from hotel “lost and founds” [likely at a cheaper rate] and repacked them, delivering directly to your hotel. Simply call the front desk, give them your device details and you will have a charger in no time! These up-cycled chargers run roughly $30, money well spent having saved you time and round trip cab fare. I have now used this service twice and can vow for its quality and reliability.


Nearly every taxi traveling city has it’s share of “scams,” but Las Vegas is extreme. If you are traveling to a hotel from the airport, via taxi, be well aware of your route and the route in which your driver seems to be taking. Cab drivers everywhere have been known to take the longest route to get you to your hotel, thus racking up the cab fare. In Nevada, however, this is actually illegal. You have the right to report it and not pay for the expensive fare. The NV Taxicab Authority lists updated approximate fares from the airport to each hotel. It is worth looking up what your fare rate should be to prevent yourself from getting scammed.

When possible, I recommend using credit card over cash. There may be a small additional fee but many cab drivers are known to give change in counterfeit bills, banking on you being in such a hurry that you wont take the time to double check the money.


It’s not always possible, but if you are not staing at the horel where the trade show is being held, do your best to choose a “non-gaming property.” It’s quite unfortunate to walk through a smoke filled casino in a full business suit first thing in the morning, and quite unpleasant for your trade show visitors throughout the day [smoke lingers – especially in business wear]. My personal favorite hotel location is Trump Tower. The lobby is clean and fresh with no sounds of “ding-ding-ding,” coming from slot machines. It allows you to start the day relaxed and smoke-free – a please when you are working the whole day on the trade show floor.

When checking in to your hotel, I’d recommend requesting a room close to the elevator. Vegas hotel hallways are unusually long and it’s not fun dragging your luggage a mile to and from your hotel room and walking the extra distance after standing [often in heels] for hours and hours at trade show events.


Vegas is known for it’s cold, dry winters and the extreme heat of summer, but regardless of the time of year, you’re going to want to remember 2 things: eyedrops and a sweater. Especially if you are visiting from the East Coast, you’ll want to keep eye drops on hand, as the dry air will likely cause irritation and discomfort to those of us who are used to a more humid climate. Always pack a sweater! Yes, you heard me, a sweater – even in the summer. If it’s 100+ degrees outside, it is guaranteed to be freezing inside!


If you plan on getting last minute booth parts or collateral shipped to you in Vegas, I have two pieces of advice.

1. Don’t have it sent to the show directly, as they will charge you triple what the package is even worth for you to take delivery. It’s called a “handling charge,” but should be referred to as highway robbery – as that would be far more accurate. I’d suggest having the package delivered to your hotel where you can pick it up at the bell desk.

2.Make sure you get the correct zip code! Las Vegas has more zip codes per block than anywhere else in the United States. Hotels, like Hard Rock for example, has 3 zip codes. If you ship to the wrong zip code, you’re likely to have your package sen tot he hotel kitchen and see you’re collateral served up at the buffet. When it lands, if it’s delivered to the wrong zip code, you can kiss all chances of ever seeing it again goodbye.


Let’s face it, if you’re in Vegas, you’re going to eat at least one buffet. Hand’s down, the best buffet in Vegas is found at Bellagio. If you’re looking for more upscale eats, the top “expensive” meals I have had were at Joel Rubuchon at MGM Grand and at “Alex” at Wynn.

Benefits of Having a Trade Show Model to Attract Business to your Booth

Trade show models have been used in some way or another for decades now. Particularly popular was the model draped across the best selling cars at motor trade shows and “Car of the Year” shows. But in recent times trade show models take on a more hands on role in helping a company to sell its products. Gone are the days when a fashion model sits astride the hood of a motor vehicle and attracts the male clients in the trade show. Now in, is the model who will show a constant presence at your trade booth and even learn extensive product knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 9.32.35 AM

What better way to attract people to a booth than an appealing trade show model that also has extensive knowledge about the product that is being promoted. The people who turn up to trade shows are ultimately seeking knowledge of new technologies and products in their particular line of business. An IT expert or consultant wants to know which dynamic software tools are coming out, who is selling them and moreover, what they do.

If a trade show model/expert can demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a product, you place yourself in a win-win situation. People are firstly attracted to your booth based on visuals (the trade show model) and then potential clients are kept there as the product is being sold or promoted at the same time.

Ten Model Management is a company with trade show model experience who understand that trade shows offer a unique opportunity in the world of developing and expanding your business. First impressions count, and in those first few vital minutes when potential customers are attracted by the trade show model and exposed to your product, can set the beginnings of a thriving business relationship.

It is not an easy task to show respect to your potential clients’ intelligence using trade show models, or models that are present obviously because of the aesthetics they conjure. But at Ten Model Management, we select each model diligently for intellect, as well as attraction, and at Ten Model Management we also look for charisma, endurance and class as well as a friendly persona. A model employed and working for Ten Model Management will be expected to stand on his or her feet for up to 12 hours a day, so your trade stand gets the full benefit of a having a trade show model throughout your exhibition.

What More Can Your Trade Show Expert Do For You?

So there is no doubt that hiring an expert triples lead generation, increases traffic to the booth and ensures the overall success of your trade show, but believe it or not,the fun doesn’t stop there! It is a waste to just use the talents of an expert on just booth duty.

Consider a booth being hosted by a gorgeous, intelligent and well spoken model. Now, imagine the harmony of having that same model on all of your printed collateral, website, demo videos and booth display. Suddenly, to the attendee’s, she isn’t just “someone you hired for the show”, she is a respected member of your team. This generates so much interest in your booth and attendees with flock to come “meet the model who is printed life size on the banner in your booth”. Its something different and it will help your booth stand out in the crown and be remembered.

Other than the visual, Trade Show Experts can be an excellent bullet in the chamber when trying to close a deal. Have you ever attended a meeting that is male dominated and discussion is heated and slightly on the egotistical end of the spectrum? Take a pretty girl along to quietly “take notes” and suddenly, the bulls turn polite and anyone who was “tight fisted” before is all the more willing the negotiate. A woman present, can quite possibly be a subconscious weapon of mass-domination. They don’t call them “hired guns” for nothing!

Post trade show events and parties prove to be rather tedious in a male dominated environment. Do your guests a favor, hire some models to liven up the party! Professional trade show talent do this very regularly and know all the tricks in the book to make sure your event is a huge success. Hiring from a reputable agency will ensure you get the right girls who will graciously host your event and maintain the balance of fun and professionalism in a party atmosphere.

Have faith in your model – she IS the expert. While this is your trade show, full time trade show talent has worked more shows than the average person knows to exit. They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the convention world, so explore that wealth of experience. When she is at your booth, she is at your service to make sure the show is a wild success. The best time to plan for your next show is at your current show, while you are in the mind set, so get your expert’s opinion!

Lastly, I cannot express the value of having the same model at your booth each show. Not just from a training perspective, but also because sales is based on relationships and having the same talent at your booth each show allows the talent to build relationships with the attendees. This will result in your booth becoming a destination because people will want to come say hi to the friendly, smiling face that’s at your booth each show.

Selecting An Agency That Works For Everyone



At one point in time, a professional model was considered a member of an elite group of individuals, recognized to be highly skilled and talented at their trade. Because film was expensive, even test shoots were reserved for the best of the best. Models toted heavy portfolios of their images and agents submitted their talent selection through snail mail or courier, using printed composite cards featuring 5-10 of the model’s best images. Because agents and photographers couldn’t waste their time, shipping fees and precious film on just anyone, the industry operated on an elevated level, meaning that clients were only submitted top notch talent.


The digital camera quickly made for inexpensive photo shoots, opening the floor for test shoots by anyone, to anyone, at a fraction of the cost. Models and photographers operated unrestricted by the old standards of photography. With the help of the invention of editing tools (ie. photoshop), images started to get “doctored up” to make the average individual look like a model. Now too, agents can act just as unrestricted, submitting images online and via email, all trying their hand at booking these average individuals. Suddenly, everyone was a model, photographer, or talent agent! Resulting in a cheapened industry. Ultimately, clients suffer because they end up booking these average individuals to represent their brands.

Trade show clients bare the brunt of this chain of unfortunate events booking these average “booth babes,” if you will – who lack elegance, chew gum non-stop and pass time by responding to personal text messaged. This cheapened version of a trade show model is hardly an asset to the exhibiting company and definitely an insult to the attendees intelligence. The average cost of a 10×10 trade show booth, including the space rental, pop up displays, travel expenses, show services and shipping is between $15,000 – $25,000 – the appearance of which is totally reversed and discredited by having a poorly selected booth hostess.

So, how can a trade show client protect themselves from ending up with average talent instead of the best in the industry?


You have to go through a reputable dealer who knows their product well and who isn’t undercutting competitor agencies in order to make a quick buck. “The online talent catalog,” is one of the biggest red flags that suggest you are not in sincere hands. This is a page on the agency website that features the images of all the models that the agency represents. Now, I’m not discrediting every talent catalog, just those that are not managed daily by the agent personally.


When the digital age turned the industry into a frenzy of available talent, agencies became inundated with model submissions. Agents went from offering a select few models to offering a few hundred. There is no way the agents can personally meet these hundreds of models, learn their names, and see them weekly to take their measurements and assess their appearance. Nor can they manage the mass amount of images pouring in from the talent.

Solutions like “AgencyPro,” came into being by offering a way that talent can upload their images onto the agency site. This format requires models to do the work for a nominal fee of being listed, giving them exposure and make the life of the agent far easier. It’s a win-win. For the talent and the agent that is. It is however, a huge loss for the client. They are now left selecting from a mass catalog of models, with no idea if that model has ever met the agent (it’s strictly aesthetically based).

There is often no restriction on the photoshopping of the images, so the client may be fooled into selecting a model who looks nothing like her images. It wastes the clients time and money to sift through large catalogs of models who may not still be in that particular city or even available for the booking dates.

True models do not buy into this type of representation. They are wiser than to be listed amongst “aspiring” models. These models would much rather work with real, quality agents, the more “old fashioned” type of representation and are never marketing themselves on those sites.


Now, as a 10 year veteran as a trade show expert, I hear time and time again how relieved our clients are when I show up at the booth for the first time. There is always the repeated account of being disappointed with models, looking little like their online images and overall lacking of professionalism. This is escapable!

Choose an agent who knows their models personally, meets with them on a weekly basis, keeps a studio at the office to shoot updated, unedited images of the talent. This is the only way that you can avoid the mess of hiring the wrong talent for your brand.

Trade Show Success Guaranteed

If you’re considering booking a trade show expert, you’re already on track to entering the highly effective world of marketing enhancement. The success of these experts is proven and with the following of our basic three-step rule with each attendee, you’ll quickly see consistency in that success.



Stop everyone that comes within earshot of your booth. This can be be done by asking a simple question, relevant to your product. A question prompts a response and thereby forces the target to respond back to you – giving you just long enough to intrigue and hook.


Now that you have them hooked into talking to you, angle a way to scan their badge or ask for a business card. This could be verbally requesting, having them enter your raffle or giveaway, or any other way you see fit. “Capture” doesn’t only mean getting the lead. Capture is also achieved by peaking the attendee’s interest in the product or service, by mentioning information the benefits relevant to that individual.


This is the point when you’ve converted the attendee into a supporter, and potential client, of your product. Mission accomplished!

While the above steps to success sound simple and succinct, try carrying out all three steps on every attendee at a trade show with over 15,000 in attendance. Not only that, but try having your sales team attempt this. While amazing at selling, these individuals are not always strengthened in all three of these areas in this type of environment. They just aren’t used to standing 8 – 10 hours straight for 3 -4 days on concrete floors, under florescent lights, in a strange city.

Thankfully, our super-human, trade show experts excel at this. Our models are Olympic athletes at standing (most times in heels), and maintaining high energy levels for hours on end. This not only ensures that every attendee is engaged, captured and converted, but creates a fun environment within your booth.

So, when the house start to drag for all the other booths and everyone is doing the “flamingo” (switching from 1 leg to the other in an attempt to give some sort of unachieved rest their feet), your booth is effectively generating leads and attracting people to it. This maximizes your lead generation and return on booth investment. In fact, not only do our trade show experts guarantee to at the very least triple leads, but also they can generate hundreds, sometimes thousands of leads per day.

Speaking of efficiency, now that the pressure of lead generation is taken off the sales team, they are much more effective at doing their jobs of selling! This also boosts the morale of the sales team, because they have support and are no longer being over worked. It also allows freedom to step away from the booth and tend to work related phone calls.

Referring back to booth investments, hiring local talent through out agency, a few of our clients have elected to not send anyone to shows, leaving their booth in the capable hands of our team of trade show experts. And for the cherry on top, the intellectual ability of our talent always leaves our clients totally impressed. They learn fast and operate as sales team members, not only qualifying leads, but also able to answer complex, frequently asked questions and even offering a demo or two. Attendees find it hard to tell the difference between company employees and our provided talent (aside from their astonishing good looks).

Not only are they highly intelligent, our trade show experts are also personality tested. This is very important when a company’s brand is what is being showcased at a convention. The talent must be able to identify with the clients brand as well as the style of the sales team. No point in pairing a very conservative model with a rowdy group of sales guys, or vice-versa – the show will be less successful.

All in all, hiring a quality trade show expert is a proven, effective marketing tool that ensures your booth is packing maximum punch for square foot. Not even the breathtaking booth display can engage, capture and convert attendees like our experts can.

Welcome to Ten Model Management

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website. We’ve included a blog on our site, so we can share the things we’ve learned at the trade shows we attend around the world. This may be the cool things we see at trade shows, the people we meet or the things we’ve learned. Want to see the places we’ve been and read about our success stories? Check out the Expertise section of our website for all of that and more or subscribe to our blog!