So there is no doubt that hiring an expert triples lead generation, increases traffic to the booth and ensures the overall success of your trade show, but believe it or not,the fun doesn’t stop there! It is a waste to just use the talents of an expert on just booth duty.

Consider a booth being hosted by a gorgeous, intelligent and well spoken model. Now, imagine the harmony of having that same model on all of your printed collateral, website, demo videos and booth display. Suddenly, to the attendee’s, she isn’t just “someone you hired for the show”, she is a respected member of your team. This generates so much interest in your booth and attendees with flock to come “meet the model who is printed life size on the banner in your booth”. Its something different and it will help your booth stand out in the crown and be remembered.

Other than the visual, Trade Show Experts can be an excellent bullet in the chamber when trying to close a deal. Have you ever attended a meeting that is male dominated and discussion is heated and slightly on the egotistical end of the spectrum? Take a pretty girl along to quietly “take notes” and suddenly, the bulls turn polite and anyone who was “tight fisted” before is all the more willing the negotiate. A woman present, can quite possibly be a subconscious weapon of mass-domination. They don’t call them “hired guns” for nothing!

Post trade show events and parties prove to be rather tedious in a male dominated environment. Do your guests a favor, hire some models to liven up the party! Professional trade show talent do this very regularly and know all the tricks in the book to make sure your event is a huge success. Hiring from a reputable agency will ensure you get the right girls who will graciously host your event and maintain the balance of fun and professionalism in a party atmosphere.

Have faith in your model – she IS the expert. While this is your trade show, full time trade show talent has worked more shows than the average person knows to exit. They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the convention world, so explore that wealth of experience. When she is at your booth, she is at your service to make sure the show is a wild success. The best time to plan for your next show is at your current show, while you are in the mind set, so get your expert’s opinion!

Lastly, I cannot express the value of having the same model at your booth each show. Not just from a training perspective, but also because sales is based on relationships and having the same talent at your booth each show allows the talent to build relationships with the attendees. This will result in your booth becoming a destination because people will want to come say hi to the friendly, smiling face that’s at your booth each show.