Trade show models have been used in some way or another for decades now. Particularly popular was the model draped across the best selling cars at motor trade shows and “Car of the Year” shows. But in recent times trade show models take on a more hands on role in helping a company to sell its products. Gone are the days when a fashion model sits astride the hood of a motor vehicle and attracts the male clients in the trade show. Now in, is the model who will show a constant presence at your trade booth and even learn extensive product knowledge.

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What better way to attract people to a booth than an appealing trade show model that also has extensive knowledge about the product that is being promoted. The people who turn up to trade shows are ultimately seeking knowledge of new technologies and products in their particular line of business. An IT expert or consultant wants to know which dynamic software tools are coming out, who is selling them and moreover, what they do.

If a trade show model/expert can demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a product, you place yourself in a win-win situation. People are firstly attracted to your booth based on visuals (the trade show model) and then potential clients are kept there as the product is being sold or promoted at the same time.

Ten Model Management is a company with trade show model experience who understand that trade shows offer a unique opportunity in the world of developing and expanding your business. First impressions count, and in those first few vital minutes when potential customers are attracted by the trade show model and exposed to your product, can set the beginnings of a thriving business relationship.

It is not an easy task to show respect to your potential clients’ intelligence using trade show models, or models that are present obviously because of the aesthetics they conjure. But at Ten Model Management, we select each model diligently for intellect, as well as attraction, and at Ten Model Management we also look for charisma, endurance and class as well as a friendly persona. A model employed and working for Ten Model Management will be expected to stand on his or her feet for up to 12 hours a day, so your trade stand gets the full benefit of a having a trade show model throughout your exhibition.