If you’re considering booking a trade show expert, you’re already on track to entering the highly effective world of marketing enhancement. The success of these experts is proven and with the following of our basic three-step rule with each attendee, you’ll quickly see consistency in that success.



Stop everyone that comes within earshot of your booth. This can be be done by asking a simple question, relevant to your product. A question prompts a response and thereby forces the target to respond back to you – giving you just long enough to intrigue and hook.


Now that you have them hooked into talking to you, angle a way to scan their badge or ask for a business card. This could be verbally requesting, having them enter your raffle or giveaway, or any other way you see fit. “Capture” doesn’t only mean getting the lead. Capture is also achieved by peaking the attendee’s interest in the product or service, by mentioning information the benefits relevant to that individual.


This is the point when you’ve converted the attendee into a supporter, and potential client, of your product. Mission accomplished!

While the above steps to success sound simple and succinct, try carrying out all three steps on every attendee at a trade show with over 15,000 in attendance. Not only that, but try having your sales team attempt this. While amazing at selling, these individuals are not always strengthened in all three of these areas in this type of environment. They just aren’t used to standing 8 – 10 hours straight for 3 -4 days on concrete floors, under florescent lights, in a strange city.

Thankfully, our super-human, trade show experts excel at this. Our models are Olympic athletes at standing (most times in heels), and maintaining high energy levels for hours on end. This not only ensures that every attendee is engaged, captured and converted, but creates a fun environment within your booth.

So, when the house start to drag for all the other booths and everyone is doing the “flamingo” (switching from 1 leg to the other in an attempt to give some sort of unachieved rest their feet), your booth is effectively generating leads and attracting people to it. This maximizes your lead generation and return on booth investment. In fact, not only do our trade show experts guarantee to at the very least triple leads, but also they can generate hundreds, sometimes thousands of leads per day.

Speaking of efficiency, now that the pressure of lead generation is taken off the sales team, they are much more effective at doing their jobs of selling! This also boosts the morale of the sales team, because they have support and are no longer being over worked. It also allows freedom to step away from the booth and tend to work related phone calls.

Referring back to booth investments, hiring local talent through out agency, a few of our clients have elected to not send anyone to shows, leaving their booth in the capable hands of our team of trade show experts. And for the cherry on top, the intellectual ability of our talent always leaves our clients totally impressed. They learn fast and operate as sales team members, not only qualifying leads, but also able to answer complex, frequently asked questions and even offering a demo or two. Attendees find it hard to tell the difference between company employees and our provided talent (aside from their astonishing good looks).

Not only are they highly intelligent, our trade show experts are also personality tested. This is very important when a company’s brand is what is being showcased at a convention. The talent must be able to identify with the clients brand as well as the style of the sales team. No point in pairing a very conservative model with a rowdy group of sales guys, or vice-versa – the show will be less successful.

All in all, hiring a quality trade show expert is a proven, effective marketing tool that ensures your booth is packing maximum punch for square foot. Not even the breathtaking booth display can engage, capture and convert attendees like our experts can.