The Impact of Image

Your company needs to convey its core values. We have the right people to do it for you. Whether you place a high premium on maturity-driven leadership, or target a market that has just hurdled college, our roster of talent will communicate the culture of your company and the driving force of your business.

We understand the impact of image. It is what we represent after all. Show a little brashness here or an opportunity-costing shyness there, and all could be lost in an instant. Today’s world is so connected and moves extremely fast that a misstep in the projection of your corporate image can backfire and easily reflect on your bottom line.

The Model is the Message

That is why we spend millions to scout for, screen and eventually train our models to wear the trappings of your industry and to speak the language of its movers.

Do you want to project fun? intelligence? creativity? elegance? While animals are great as mascots, it will be humans who will ultimately communicate your company’s message. So let us offer our elite talents to articulate your vision.

Visit our sector-specific gallery and select the models you want to represent and help celebrate your organization at exhibitions, trade shows and conventions.

Image is King

No organization of worth can afford to trim down on image. In this age of social media, you are what people see in photos, videos, and media uploads on the social networks. You can never pass on the opportunity to look good. It sticks. But then, looking bad sticks longer.

We got you thinking, didn’t we?

Featured Model

This week’s featured model is Steve Armstrong. Steve hails from Camp Big Falcon, Minnesota and has started training with Orlando Trade Show Models in 2010. Steve’s versatile personality makes him a perfect image communicator for companies ranging from Silicon Valley startups to European universities. Among his recent projects include a conference representation for Wired Magazine in 2012 and video shoot for in April.


Orlando Trade Show Models leverages the rich range of character and personalities that can be gleaned from our elite roster. Our talents help bring any organization’s message to its target audiences effectively and with the optimum impact. Custom photos, corporate videos and event representation are just some of the areas we truly excel in.

About US

Orlando Trade Show Models: Images of Success

Orlando Trade Show Models thrives on matching character and corporate vision. We are an agency of in-house and freelance models and communicators who represent Fortune 500 companies in international trade shows, expositions and world-class conventions. Visit our rich gallery of personalities and find the right model for your message.

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